ProductMagic is a collaborative advisory initiative providing vision, strategy and coaching for founders, C-Suite, teams and product people.

The company was founded in 2021 by Justin Berkovi, an 🏆 award winning product strategist and coach with a career building products and running teams spanning over 20 years. Justin has helped secure funding rounds, scale teams and grow userbases to millions of engaged customers.

ProductMagic works as a platform to share stories and build brilliant products and experiences, drawing on a network of strategists and practitioners.

Award winning product team

👉  Fractional CPO / Advisory

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Deutsche Bank
Mind Candy


CPO Summit London

Moderating Panel ‘New Kid on the Block – Having the Voice of the CPO Heard Among the C-Suite’

Balance The Grind

Speaking to The Nudge Group on ‘a day in the life’ as part of their Balance The Grind series

Product Sessions Live

How to design with empathy. Discussion with Applause as part of their Product Sessions LIVE series

CPO Summit London

Panel discussion: Building product teams for success