Grow with Google is a global initiative to help millions upskill and further their careers. I led the product strategy that for the first time introduced partners in learning such as FutureLearn and OpenClassrooms to deliver programmes at scale across over 50 countries. This enabled the delivery of key impact results of 2 million learners across Europe and beyond. Team size 40+

We faced a unique challenge in our product and content design with the platform localised in over 50 regions. This meant a simple tone of voice that was concise, to the point but also empathetic to those wanting to learn and improve their skills. Additionally we did not have a huge amount of real estate within which to convey messaging and the priority was for course content.

Role: Product Strategist / Designer 2017-2019

Research / UX / UI

UX Research was carried out with the GwG team to inform improving their mobile application. I drew out user flows on paper and then moved to high fidelity in Sketch / Invision to prototype the work and test with users. Ultimately the native applications were replaced with more efficient mobile-web solutions due to the cost of localisation.


I ran a value proposition workshop with the Digital Workshop team and designed the revised landing page for the UK site. This was further iterated when partners were brought onboard to surface recognisable learning brands outside the Google ecosystem that were more appealing to users 👇


Using the existing material design library I created designs for the new Google Learn concept. The data points in terms of categories enabled smarter filtering instantly and users are able to save courses to come back to them later.

Research / Visiontyping

We developed future concepts in Google Learn that used graph modelling (developed with Nesta) to drive people towards an upskilling journey > new career

UX / UI / Content

The design team built out the experience after various iterations and user testing.

Google - Product Discovery and Research
Google - Product Discovery and Research