Peppy connects real doctors to employees to provide a best in class EAP for specific medical conditions or verticals.

As VP Product I headed up the content, product, design and data teams to deliver a complete re-work of the Peppy brand. This included a new atomic design system, tone of voice and content / brand guidelines.

The revamped bold design, content and GTM strategy I developed helped Peppy secure $45M Series B funding in early 2023.

It was imperative that Peppy address the state of the various user segments we found in our research. Most shared common themes such as being afraid of seeking out help, wanting to trust whoever they were speaking to and be sure of privacy and data concerns.

Our tone of voice workshops interviewed multiple stakeholders, users and medical practitioners in order to understand how best to allay any fears our users had.

This was borne out in our brand guidelines across our content but also micro copy in the mobile application and website.


Role: VP Product

Grow with Google in partnership with Nest

WIP Tone of voice and comms



Spacing and layout



Atoms, molecules and organisms – Using the Atomic design system