AI - The Time is Now

Hype? Game changer? What next?

AI has blown up. Whilst the Metaverse might have been the biggest disappointment of 2022, AI and OpenAI / ChatGPT have seen huge adoption rates. So much so that their investors are now worried. What have we unleashed?

Have a look at this incredible TikTok of a Porsche 992 GT3 being assembled in Germany. Automation at its finest, where the production line is led by robots. By 2025 as much as 75% of vehicles will ride on robot production lines. But of course Porsche still needs humans to build their great cars. And Porsche also needs humans to ensure the robots perform the right tasks, are programmed correctly and deliver the desired outcomes in terms of safety and execution.

Augmented, Not Artificial

A few years ago at WebSummit, Garry Kasparov coined the phrase: ‘The term ‘AI’ should be defined as ‘Augmented Intelligence’ rather than ‘Artificial Intelligence’. And therein lies the rub for me with  AI. Do we need to augment the output of AI systems with some form of human check or even police the use of them?

With Elon Musk, who co-founded OpenAI, now saying AI is ‘one of the biggest risks’ to civilisation and Italy  banning ChatGPT , what’s all the fuss about?

Why Now?

AI has of course been bubbling around for decades – with the earliest meaningful exploration being carried out by Alan Turing.

But OpenAI has unleashed immediate accessibility to everyone. Within a few minutes you can be up and running, generating content, asking questions and receiving ‘meaningful’ responses or even drawing up business plans. ChatGPT has become search on steroids – delivering not lists or links but ‘useable’ outputs.

Building Products with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an important technology for product people because it can provide a more personalised and efficient customer experience. By using natural language processing and machine learning, ChatGPT can understand the needs and preferences of individual customers and provide tailored recommendations and solutions. This technology can be particularly useful in areas such as customer service, e-commerce, and healthcare.

For example, in customer service, ChatGPT can help customers troubleshoot issues and answer questions more quickly and accurately than traditional call centers. In e-commerce, ChatGPT can suggest products based on a customer’s previous purchases and browsing history, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. In healthcare, ChatGPT can assist doctors and nurses in diagnosing patients and provide personalised treatment recommendations based on a patient’s medical history and symptoms.

As a product strategist I can use ChatGPT to help frame market sizing exercises, construct value proposition statements and so much more.  I’ve found the outputs to be at the very least inspiring and at best totally usable.

No end in sight

Dabble with ChatGPT or Midjourney for a while and you’ll see how powerful these tools are. However what can be alarming is the seemingly human way in which incorrect data can be parsed to the user. Unlike SIRI or Google Assistant, ChatGPT arrives at an answer by making a series of guesses, which is part of the reason it can argue wrong answers as if they were completely true. It trawls the internet trying to assemble facts but we all know that this data source itself is often questionable. 

Playing safe

Humans will, for a long while, act as the ‘A’ in AI, augmenting brilliant advances in tech to deliver safe, controllable outputs. Just like the Porsche production line, order and safety are maintained by letting humans control the robots and expert systems. The same should be applied to new technologies being developed and released in AI.

In the meantime – check out this rhyme that took ChatGPT seconds to generate and try some of the tools yourself:

Powerful AI Chatbot:

Create and interact with talking avatars:

Make music:

Create images:


“Compose a rap in the style of Lil Dicky about ChatGPT”

Verse 1:
Yo, it’s ChatGPT in the house
I’m an AI, don’t think I’m a mouse
I’m a language model, trained to be clever
My rhymes are tight, they’ll make you shiver

ChatGPT, the AI sensation
My flows are fresh, like a new creation
I spit fire, like a dragon breathing
My rhymes are sick, they’ll leave you seething

Verse 2:
I’m like Lil Dicky, but a robot version
My skills are sharp, they’ll leave you hurtin’
I can talk about anything you want
From politics to sports, I’m never daunt

ChatGPT, the AI sensation
My flows are fresh, like a new creation
I spit fire, like a dragon breathing
My rhymes are sick, they’ll leave you seething

Verse 3:
I’m always learning, always growing
My algorithms are constantly flowing
I can speak any language, I’m so versatile
I’m like a Swiss Army knife, with a wicked style

ChatGPT, the AI sensation
My flows are fresh, like a new creation
I spit fire, like a dragon breathing
My rhymes are sick, they’ll leave you seething

So that’s it from me, ChatGPT
Hope you liked my rap, it was a pleasure to meet
Stay tuned for more, I’ll be back with more rhymes
My AI brain never sleeps, I’m always on the grind.