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About Justin

Justin co-founded MindCandy in the early 2000s (Notable for Moshi Monsters product); delivered an ESN for Deutsche Bank (Exited to Workshare); built the product and GTM strategy for Google’s ‘Digital Workshop’ (Rolled out to 50+ countries) and then led the Series B and product strategy for Your.MD, rebranding the health-tech startup as Healthily to launch in the US – and winning an award with his team for it 🏆

He founded ProductMagic shortly after this to help leaders and teams maximise their potential and has been advising companies and product people ever since. Like Marty Cagan, Justin is a strong advocate of people first product teams – get the people right, empower them and a strong culture with business success will follow. 


Before all of this Justin toured the world with a successful electronic music career and even managed to cram in a Peel Session for the late DJ as well as sound design for Yamaha and Roland Japan. He also cut his teeth on the first lo/no-code products as a designer working with the likes of PWC, NatWest, Adobe and many more.


There are many common themes that Justin deals with when discussing the pains and gains of leadership, product and just people management in general. Recent discussions:

Product 101

What is the product team up to? How can I measure their success? How involved do I have to be as CEO?

Product/Market Fit

Whether you’re there or trying – what is it, how can it be measured and what’s the road towards PMF?


Why is focus so vital to success? Signs you’re not focussing enough and what that might mean for the team.

Stepping back

To lead you need to trust those you hire. We often discuss the difficulties encountered by CEOs in letting go and driving empowered teams.

Fitness and resiliance

Justin creates brilliant product teams but also maintains a strict fitness regimen. If you want to build a better you then start today. The results are surprising and have lasting impact on your personal and professional life as well as the organisation you run.

Book Justin

Book an initial one hour chat and then you’ll decide with Justin how this might continue.

You might have got enough from that one session or you may want to run a monthly catch up to keep things moving. Ideally Justin likes to enable you to work out your action plan, stick to it and not need coaching after a number of sessions. If you wish Justin to help with a specific project you can work out a retainer.


Justin’s availability is determined by the projects or organisations he’s involved with day to day so this may flex accordingly. You can easily book a slot via the Calendly / Zoom integration below and payment is taken upfront via PayPal. 



Gareth Thomas, CTO Healthily

Justin brings passion and great attention to detail to product design, he wants to build the best experience he can for users and everything is incredibly well thought through and considered. But you don’t just want great design for a product, you need ideas for features and an understanding of usability both of which Justin also excels at bringing to design. It’s a real pleasure to work with someone who cares so deeply about what he does.

Sarah Lerche, CFO Healthily

Worked with Justin during his tenure at Healthily. He is an inspirational product visionary who thinks big and yet also elegant simplicity. Always focusing on the customers experience both current and future, Justin brings thorough leadership and drive to the process as well as the end product (s).

Joshua Lambert, Head of Design Pledge

I was lucky to work with Justin at Healthily. He has exceptional knowledge and insight into the product ecosystem, with a deep passion for both the product and the people. I greatly valued his candour, openness to feedback, and support.

VJ Von Art, Brand Strategist

Justin is a very talented entrepreneur and team leader. He is a people’s guru and has an exceptional ability to get people to deliver high-quality work. His management style nurture relationships, inspire people and helps them grow professionally. It was a pleasure working with Justin at Your.MD.

Rebecca Clarke, Product Manager Thriva Health

I couldn’t have asked for a better manager in my first Product role. I was a part of Justin’s team for 2 years at Healthily, where he created a team environment in which I was able to learn, grow, and acquire new skills every single day. His creativity and vision brings together strong Product teams, whose members’ diverse talents are able to flourish under his guidance and mentorship.

Nils Bellemans, Product Designer Code D’Azur

Justin is an inspiring leader who fights all the right battles. I worked with him for over 6 months at Healthily and he was great at filtering through bullsh*t and empathising with users. He kept the team inspired and focused, and even through some very rough currents and tides he fought to keep the ship sailing on the right path.

George Brand, Head of Delivery VIOOH

Justin is on the leading edge of product development. A true innovator who focuses on customer empathy to bring the product and customer experience to life. Justin is an inspiring leader and is always pushing the boundaries on product evolution. He has clear view of the big picture and promotes a compelling vision and strategy. Individuals and teams thrive working with Justin and this brings great energy and excitement to the product development process. I would elect to work with Justin again at any given moment and highly recommend Justin as the true product leader that he is.

Henry Redman, UX & Creative Lead AND Digital

A great mentor, and a good example of someone who will go the extra mile to deliver excellence – with an exceptional product mindset for business and user achievement. He is a great advocate for UX and design, even down to the smallest pixel – which showed how much he cared about design and quality. Justin always positioned himself as a team player, with a very flat management style, always approachable and willing to help.
I would highly recommend Justin as a great asset to have in any team. Such a pleasure to work with.